ISLAMABAD – The implementation of Device Identification Registration & Blocking System (DIRBS), evolved to curtail counterfeit cell phone utilization, would start from these days.
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has developed this System to deter cell phones robbery and guard purchaser hobby and in step with telecom coverage which has been issued by using Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

As per information issued here, DIRBS is a forward operating solution and is designed to cater for no provider interruption for all Pakistani cellular mobile provider users.

All mobile gadgets which include non-compliant which can be active on mobile cell networks within Pakistan until December 1, 2018 will continue to be operational and not be blocked, interrupted from mobile services.

In order to facilitate any consumer, presently using non-compliant cell devices (15 digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) of cellular device isn’t as in step with international standards), Pakistan Telecommunication Authority shall vehicle-pair all such IMEIs with their mobile numbers and they may continue to be operational with none provider interruption.
After DIRBS implementation on December 1, 2018 any new mobile device programmed with a non-popular IMEI wide variety will be taken into consideration as non-compliant device and shall no longer be allowed any cellular connectivity/carrier in Pakistani territory as in line with PTA/DIRBS rules.

PTA has already completed an in depth consciousness campaign to teach masses on DIRBS. PTA is sending informatory SMS to all cellular subscribers to inform reputation in their cellular tool(s) in use on Pakistani cellular cell networks.

For all Pakistani cell device customers wishing to recognize status of a device can send every 15 digit IMEI variety via SMS to 8484. The fame of cellular device also can be checked via PTA website link www.Dirbs.Pta.Gov.Pk or via downloading DIRBS Android cell application.

Some of methods for obtaining a cellular device IMEI include: Dial *#06# from dial pad of device and note down every 15-digit IMEI published on device container.MEI is printed on internal of a tool and can be viewed via putting off the again cowl/battery.

DIRBS machine will send certainly one of following 4 responses to IMEI question as explained underneath: 1) Compliant/PTA Approved Device: The mobile tool is PTA accredited and legally imported into Pakistan; 2) Device IMEI is valid: The IMEI of this cellular tool is legitimate as it is GSMA accepted, but it is not PTA permitted. To facilitate such users, PTA will vehicle sign up all such IMEIs that are located on community until December 1, 2018. Their status might be converted to compliant. A person in possession of such devices are advised to insert their neighborhood SIM card and do a voice or facts activity so such Valid IMEI are determined on Pakistani cell networks and subsequently indexed within DIRBS device so person can also preserve to avail uninterrupted mobile offerings on such devices.

3) Non-compliant Devices: This isn’t always a PTA permitted cellular tool as IMEI on tool is either non-general, duplicated and so forth. To ensure customers of all such devices do not face any connectivity/carrier problems PTA will auto pair all such IMEIs, that are located on cellular community until December 1, 2018, with their cellular number so tool shall stay operational till beneficial lifestyles of tool. A consumer in ownership of such gadgets are cautioned to insert their nearby SIM card and do a voice or information hobby so such non-compliant IMEI are determined on Pakistani cellular networks and eventually indexed within DIRBS machine so person might also maintain to avail uninterrupted cellular offerings on such gadgets.

4) Blocked gadgets: The IMEI is stated as stolen and not allowed for utilization/services. All cell devices clients are suggested that from December 1, 2018 onwards they can test IMEI repute of a tool earlier to buying/obtaining by using sending every 15 digit IMEI via SMS to 8484, PTA internet site https://dirbs.Pta.Gov.Pk or via DIRBS Android app and buy Compliant/PTA Approved device.



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